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The Art of Joseph R. Davis
Here's the deal: I'm not going to give you the normal bio fluff you're expecting. None of that "Joseph has been drawing at blah blah age" bullshit.

I got into art because I was a weird kid and didn't make friends easily. My parents were old so tossing the ball with dad was not really a thing I did. I had terrible hand/eye coodination anyway. I was kind of a dick at school and caused a lot of trouble too. I ended up in a cubicle in the back of the room basically every year. The seclusion left me to my own thoughts and I daydreamed... A lot. I'd draw comic book heros and the sort, not so different then what I do now.

Due to the whole old parents thing and always being placed at the back of the room, my artwork began to take on a dark tone. Death became the theme of my work through High School, I focused in drawing skulls. Kinda like these.

Throw some heartbreak, some death of family, and the suicide of a friend and you get my work. I try to see the beauty in all that negative. I feel if I can capture that feeling of isolation. That moment were the landscape becomes clear after the storm. The beauty there is in the memory. I want you to feel it. That moment of clarity when that epiphany slaps you in the face and screams at you to move on. Keep fucking moving. Don't lose hope. Don't tread water in the pain and agony of it all. Find the fucking beauty. Find the passion. Love yourself, have gratitude, learn from it. Let it make you better. At least that's what I'm trying to do for me.
So, here we are. My name is Joseph and I make art. Thanks for stopping by.

If you want more I have my sketches on INSTAGRAM. You can find me on

Also: www.PROcoPROductioncoMPANY.com